Bowral Seventh-day Adventist Church


"...and on the seventh day, God rested"


Join us every Saturday morning.

9:30am - Group Bible Study

11:00am - Family Worship Service


The whole family can be involved in learning and growing spiritually. We have an active young-adult, teen and primary department.

Shadow Empire: The Rise and Fall of Religious Freedom.


Here’s your chance to gain an understanding of the reality of the threats to our religious freedom that we will face. This stunning newly released documentary  will be shown at the Bowral Seventh-day Adventist Church on the following dates.

Saturday June 1

4:00pm Part 1 Shadow Empire: The Rise and Fall of Religious Freedom (preview)

Saturday June 8

4:00pm Part 2 "The Perscution of the Church"

Saturday June 28
3:30 pm Part 2. "The Persecution of the Church" (Rpt)
4:00 pm Part 3. "The Marriage of Church & State"
4:30 pm Part 4. "Constantine’s Christianity"



Do you wish you could Stress Less & Live More? Do you want to improve your mental health and vitality?

Then join with us at the coming 'LIVE MORE project' seminar.

Our last program was run in March-May 2019 and was well recieved.  Watch for notice when the next program will be run.

Location:                 Bowral Seventh-day Adventist Church

188 Bowral St, Bowral

Booking: Ph or SMS

Owen 0481 210 121


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